Asriel did what he thought was right, he took Chara to the surface, just like she asked. After they reached the surface, Chara took him away, to a secluded place and tourtured him. Speaking to him her plans, brainwashinng and training him to be her perfect soldire for years, breaking him down and perverting his idea of friendship, to servitude. He follows Chara's order without faltering, his mind believing that if he doesn't do it, he will lose Chara's friendship. Under her orders, ten years after leaving, and five after New St. Louis, he nuked a town, leveling the town and moved on to five more towns in the monster empire. Until the Royal Legion captured him, but due to their pity and past connection to him, they placed him in a priso, for life. He now sits there, knowing that he did what Chara wanted, that she would come for him, because they were friends....he is still waiting with that false hope.


He is older, 22 at present. He has scars and stitches from Charas tourture. He wears a white tanktop and one of his horns is broken and he is much larger, he spends most his time lifting weights. He has fresh wounds everyday from, 'interviews' with Undyne.


He still has his original powers, except they are far more dangerous.

His hyper swords are now in the style of scottish claymore's.


He never talks to anyone else, the only person he wants to talk to is Chara

He is extremely loyal to Chara, he will never betray her.

​Soul Color: Hazed Yellow with Red Webs || Trait: Whispered Courage