Bette was created by Gaster to be a weapon of mass destruction. She was created artificially, her soul was made from hundreds of human and monster souls, after they were tortured and tested to be extracted, and her body is made from the pure extract of Hate and Determination, making her a being of pure SOUL. She is stronger than most of the Royal Legion, and has a pet named Akumu, a snake like creature that forms from a tattoo on her right arm. When she was created, she was forced to kill, hundreds and hundreds of POW's and prisoners, she was even sent to kill Asriel, but failed. After 2 years of murder, she began to revolt and tried to kill her captors. She was gravely wounded as she escaped the compound and stumbled thru the Canadian wilderness, until she ran into a boy named Norman. Norman was 7 like her and took her in, brought her into the family and showed her love. Soon, they formed a relationship....until Norman's father came back from the war. After that incident, he began to lose touch with the world, and her. On Norman's 12th birthday, he was taken away by Gaster, Bette spent ten years searching the monster empire for him. She found his dead body on a mass grave, she lost it and tore thru the laboratory the grave was located. Like a force of nature, after the carnage, she wasn't seen again.


She wears a denim jacket and jeans. She wears a black shirt. Her hair is long and pink tipped, when she uses her powers, her hair goes full pink. She has pink eyes and wears black tennis shoes.


She radiates a feeling of fear and can enhance it at will. She can create tendrils of pink fear and can create wings of the same pink magic.

Akumu can steal the soul trait of any being and hold it's properties for a while. He can also turn into any weapon, guns included.

She can make people have hallucinations and hear voices.

She can follow the scent of fear, and can create fear in any being, due to her aurora.


She is very introverted, but is aggressive to everyone who tries to talk to her. Except Noman.

She hates people trying to touch her, and Akumu will bite if someone tries.

Doesn't like to be told what to do.

Soul Color: Pink with a Black outline|| Trait: Fearful Psychosis