He was once a Russian KGB officer in the war, but after a run in with Undyne left him in a wheelchair, he was useless. Till the researchers created a special suit, designed from Metta-Units salvaged from battle, which allowed him to walk again. They implanted metal nodes on his joints and framed his skeleton with metal mesh to allow his body to work the mech suit correctly. With the nodes, he can walk normally again and is stronger than originally. He took up a job as one of Chara's Generals, in charge of keeping the POW's in line. He had a magic dampening symbol tattooed onto his whole front torso. He works on the front lines in the camps, forcing monsters to mine for ore and such, even beating some to death. He is #2 on the Royal Legion's hit list because of his cruel, and evil behavior.


He is a tall, fit, Russian male with stubble and small, disk like metal nodes protruding from his joints. A large magic dampening tattoo is on his chest and stomach, it glows a dull blue when it is negating magic.

The mech is slightly taller than Daniel, at 7foot. Both arms have working hands and fingers, but can be changed into clamps at a touch of a button. A large, girder like sword is attached to it's back. A stand in the center opens so Daniel can step in and hook up to it. It's visual sensors are like a HTC Vive headset.


In Mech

  • Can use the girder like sword
  • Extreme amounts of strength
  • Can activate a EMP pulse, it drains the mechs power tho
  • Can use the sword like a giant shotgun, four shots
  • Can fire two rockets, one from each wrist
  • Can use a pulse to siphon all magic away for a short time, but this will fry the mechs batteries

Outside the Mech

  • hand to hand combat specialist
  • Can dampen magic
  • Can use over 200 types of weapons.


  • Is cruel, often eating food in front of starving POW's
  • Speaks in a mild Russian accent
  • Acts welcoming, but is cold hearted.
  • I unafraid of anything, almost foolish
  • Is rather sharp and always carries a knife