Greatest Dog (or nicknamed G-Dog) is a very large canine monster. Its parents are Doggery and Dogresa, those two were loyal guards for a long time, and when they decided to have a child, Asgore allowed them a small plot of land in the Great Forest (Redwood National Forest) far from the fighting. Soon, tho, the humans figured out that they were there and sent a kill squad after them. They fended them off as well as they could, but in their lack of experience, Doggery was killed and Dogresa escaped with the child, but the squad soon caught up and murdered her, leaving the child alone in the wilderness. He grew up there, going back to his primal roots, hunting and eating the animals there. When Asgore the 2nd took power, he attempted to recruit the Dog guards again, even by force. A squad of 6 Metta-Units went into the forest, none returned. Soon, Undyne was called in to investigate and brought back Greatest Dog. Thru some rehabilitation by Gaster, Greatest dog expressed the need to kill the humans for his parents. He was accepted into the Royal Legion and follows Undyne's orders well. Tho he will lose it if he is rather hungry.


He has grey fur, unlike the other dogs, as his body evolved to camouflage into the dark wood. He wears leather (speculated to be human skin) leg armor and has a executioners cowl that leaves his muzzle exposed, the fur around his wolf like muzzle is matted down and speckled in dried blood and dirt. He has blood red eyes and stained yellow teeth, he wields a two headed battle axe made from the two axes of Doggery and Dogressa


He talks rarely, resulting to growls and howls to express emotion, but when he talks it is in broken and deep English. He is aggressive to everyone, to the point he has to wear a muzzle in the city limits. He barely sleeps and walks the streets at night, watching for people out after curfew.


He is extremely strong physically, but only has inherent hunting magic.

  • He can see in thermal
  • Track scents from up to a mile and half away
  • If he strikes a person, he can see a trail of his tracking magic behind them
  • Can't be effected by blue magic
  • Can use a small bit of DETERMINATION to move very fast to circle prey