During the battle of New St.Louis, Mettaton was there to gain insperation for his new war movie role, and also to help defeat the humans. During the battle, he was swarmed by too many humans, the dampening bullets sapping his energy and breaking his body apart. After he was defeated, he activated the explosive in his body, killing him and hundreds of humans. He became a wandering spirit, he attempted to contact his friends, but even they couldn't hear him, he began to travel the monster city, expecting to see heartfelt memorials to him on every street, but he found none. Soon, he began to be forgotten, posters, books, even his movies and shows stopped being shown, and he watched as he was slowly fading into obscurity. He began to become more bitter at every ​Who's Mettaton? ​or ​Do you remember that robot guy? ​he realized that the only way to be remembered is to force them to remember you, to make them watch, by force even. Legends wern't made, they were forced. HE was the star, HE was to be watched.  After Alphys rebuilt him as a warmachine, he began to hold shows again, inviting anyone who wanted to come. He would ask if anyone remembered him, if anyone said no, he killed them on the spot, soon, people remembered him, not as he was, but as he is. A true showstopper, all eyes had to be on him, if they wern't, those eyes were ripped out.


He has the same Mettaton Neo body type, but his colors are black and grey, his hands are razor sharp claws and his trademark boots are more military like. His wrist gauntlets are a mess of weapons, a flamethrower, a minigun, a rocket launcher, a flip out sword, and a DT laser. His body is scrached up and worn from his battles, and every part of him is armored.


He has many weapons (^^ Read the Apperance part for the wrist weapons)

He can discharge a DT pulse that stops a soul traits ablity for  short time.

He can hack into some electronic devices that don't have a trait attached to them or dampening magic.


He is very short, he feels that not many people should have the right to talk to him

He also only likes people to pay attention to him, he is known to shoot people for not listening to him.

He is quick to anger and hates weakness.

Soul Color: Gold with a White Spotlight|| Trait: Imposed Narcissisim