why do i continue on?..
because someone deserves to die.
Credit to Midnight from DILTOR


Oliver used to be an overall okay teenager. He had a good family and friends, and was mostly unaffected by the war. But one day, the humans deployed an artillery strike on his city. His home was destroyed and he was unable to find his parents. He teleported to his cousin, SIren's,home, as he lived nearby, to see if he was alright. But, when he arrived, his cousin's home was in ruins. Oliver searched the ruins for at least one survivor, but all he found was monster dust and Siren's now slightly torn scarf. After that, Oliver became more introverted and no longer thinks that humans could have even a trace of good in them, which is what Siren used to try and convince him of.


During the artillery attack, he barely managed to avoid being shot in his chest, but in doing so a bullet grazed his right eye, which caused the sight in that eye to fade to nothing and a scar to from once the blood stopped. Now, his left eye is almost always lit because in order to be able to see clear he must use his magic, which drains his energy greatly. He no longer wears his blue sweater and instead wears a metal jacket that he fashioned himself, which took weeks as he has had little to no experience in metal crafting. Oliver still wears his original black shorts, though they are greatly torn. He only wears them as coverage of places. He now wears Siren's old scarf,


Oliver is very serious and rarely cracks puns now. Whenever someone mentions Siren being dead, his Gaster Blasters will be summoned and the speaker will be blasted to bits. He sometimes can be found talking to someone by his side, as if he is talking to Siren. Oliver can only be found laughing if he is talking to his imaginary Siren. He suffers from Major Depression.

Soul Color: Black that glows grey and a white center || Trait: Depression


Sans: Thinks he is dead.

Asgore 2: Neutral, respects that he kills humans in public.

Undyne: Neutral