Sans was a good brother...for being sans. During the time underground, life went on as it would, in Sans's own words ​Going above ground, was the worst move ever​. During the early years of the war, Sans and Papyrus were helping those displaced by the war, monster and somtimes a small human, but most times, they were not recived well, Sans had tried to get Papyrus off the team so he wouldn't get hurt, but he intended to help as many monster and humans as he can, for he was the GREAT PAPYRUS!..... One day, the worst incident of Sans's life happend. One of the displaced humans, was a soldire, and set off a suicide vest, putting Papyrus into a coma. After the dust cleared, Sans kneeled over his brother and cried as part of his SOUL broke, letting in that inky blackness. Animosity, a primal hate formed from the pain of watching a realitive get hurt, and not being able to stop it. Sans clentched his fists hard, so hard he bleed as he stood up, laughing as that last half of his soul broke and let in the static.Madness, driven from his realization that if he had told his brother to leave the team, this wouldn't have happend....He massacred every living thing in the camp....He was put in a prison for years, slowly feeling the hate and madness turn into something much, much more deadly. Spite, Asgore the 2nd released him and offered him to join, in return, his brother would be taken care of in his coma. He accepted.


He has black good dripping from his mouth, and his SOUL is the color of static. He has a iron plate bolted onto his right eye, and his genocide eye flickers black, red, and static. His hands are broken, from the two years of trying to scrach thru the bricks, he only has three fingers left on each hand. He wears a large robe over his body, only his eye and smile can be seen thru the dark in his hood.


​​His gaster blasters are always melting, like a amalgamate.

He uses a short kriss dagger

His bone attacks are all broken and jagged

He can no longer use blue magic


He is nothing like the normal Sans, he is pesimistic, and will never make a pun. If anyone mentions Papyrus having a chance to die, he will kill them. It is also rurmered that after a run in with Daniel, he had lost his head, no one dares to look under his hood to check.

​Soul color: Ebony Black with a Static Flare || Trait: Spitefull Madness