After their movement to the surface, they tried to join society, but due to their lack of learning, they couldn't get a job or money. They were always a close knit society themselves, and when one of the tems found out about drugs, they all soon became addicts, but soon, after learning how much could be made off the sale of drugs, they became the dealers. They took over the New York area, either pushing out or killing the dealers there already, and setting up their empire. They are a neutral force, selling to both the humans and monsters, but are armed enough to protect the state if they are threatened by either. The tems have become a dangerous force, due to their stature and looks, many don't think twice about them waltzing into their house until they are bleeding out on the floor. They are the criminal underworld bosses, tems are also masters of assassination, and deceit.

(You may add more to this page if you want, tems are just drug dealers)