In the underground,Toriel stayed by her husbands side, and was faithful to him. She helped advise him to rule fair and just to the monsters, til Asgore was killed. She was very distraught, and tried to hold the empire together during the time before Asgore the 2nd took power. She fought Undyne on the idea of the Royal Guard taking control, and was hopeful that Asgore the 2nd would bring peace. She was dissapointed to see as his first act was to give the Royal Guard (Now the Royal Legion) more power over law enforcement, and began to allow tourture. When she confronted him, he told her not to tell him how to run the kingdom, and told her that she is nothing, she will never rule, a relic, nothing. Later that night, after hearing those words from the child she raised from childhood, she hung herself in her room.