Credit for the picture to BlueberrySansyPants


Undyne has suffered much in this world, she lost her right arm and has had it replaced by a bionic claw by Alphys. She is the leader of the royal guard and hates humans the most out of them. She lost her arm to Daniel during a fight, and uses a battle axe instead of her normal spear. She works close to Asgore 2nd, but does not treat him as well as Asgore. She heads up the monster-human sympithizer round up every month and trains Red. She found Red in the old Home, half dead and deranged, sitting in a mass monster grave. She was the sole survivor. Undyne protects her very much, like a daughter.


Undyne wears armour, black and fadded blue, with a thousands of strikes to represent every human she has killed.

Her left ear is broken and tattered, and has black spikes running around her neck like frills.

She has a large scar running across her good eye and a robotic eye that fires a blast of concetrated DT


She is bitter and harsh, making the guard train everyday and night

She has no love for humans at all

Doesn't laugh since what happend to Alphys.

Smiles around Red.

​Soul color: White with blue and orange radiance|| Trait: Justified Persiverance


Red: Acts as  her guardian

Gastor: Differing opions

Papyrus: Coach

Sans: Drill sargent

Greatest Dog: leader

Asriel: Role model

Mettaton: Sparing partner

Madness Dummy: Frenemy