​"Don't resist, it is pointless"



Not much is known about this being, it is as tall as Gastor (6 ft) and is extreamly powerful. Chara rarely calls on them to fight due to their extrodinary powers, they can level a city with a single strike. They was found in a monster human P.O.W camp amungst the bodies of both humans and monsters alike, that was 4 years ago. Now, they is a general for Chara and is her last resort call. He can use his blood as a viral weapon, slowly killing anyone it touches or inhales.


They wear a black hoodie and blue jeans. He wears a dark grey plague doctors mask with brass googles to see. A chain dangles from his pocket and he uses it as a weapon, he wears leather gloves on his left hand and a gauntlet on the other. His hair is long and shaggy, and wears tennis shoes. His skin is a motted grey and has sharp, broken teeth.


He is very serious and dark, sometimes describing brutal murders he has commited to monsters with perfect detail

He doesn't get along well with many people, hates to be talked to

Has a pet snake named Gus

Loves to eat meat, he tears into it like an animal and eats it as close to raw as possible

Whistles Oh Danny Boy

​Soul color: Grey with Green ooze|| Trait: Plague


Chara: Neutral

Daniel: Hates

Frisk: Dreams of murder

he is Red's brother