"the road we walk is paved in soul"

"and we walk this road and follow our leaders who pay there toll"

"but as ashes turn to ashes and dust to dust"

"they will burn with the rest of us"

-Xylpha in poetry you find in her house

Kawiechan Xylpha Pablina Benedict, who goes by her middle name Xylpha, is a poet in the rise whom has had trouble overcoming the war she is on the verge of joining. She can only be fought in her house, "the home of dying dreams". Her home is located in the CORE.


Xylpha is 18, technically an adult, but too young to drink alcohol (or at least as far as people know in this crime ridden timeline). She generally dose not hurt monsters, unless they hurt her or her sister badly. She, being in the human legion, is often forced to hurt monsters.


Xylpha wears a pink dress, black cape, heart shaped necklace bead, and pink heels. her eyes are red, and the pupils are star shaped. Because she is an active person, she is quite tan. She has brown hair, done up in a ponytail. her attacks are, a sword slicing in certain areas, swords that follow you,


Xylpha: has a very calm, somewhat depressed, personality that makes her poetry beautiful. She is very wise, with a healthy sense of humor.