He was a child of a unwanted mother, he was left at the palace and found by Undyne when they were still living in the underground. Asgore, after the loss of their child Chara, took the child in and raised him. As he grew, they discovered that he was part human, but had magic like a monster. The royal court didn't know what to do, Undyne suggested to kill the boy, and the idea was soon almost realized. Till they found that the boy was clever, he advised the king on a battle plan, and the plan perfectly won the battle, thus, he earned his place as a advisor. Years went on and, with Zachariah's advisory, the monsters were but a step away from taking over New St. Louis in Africa, but they were soon defeated by X, the mysterious being that fought for the humans. He wiped out all the monsters in New St. Louis with one nerve gas cloud, sadly, Asgore was present and was effected. He went into shock and soon died, without a leader, the empire would crumble, and with Asriel behind bars, the only person who could inherit the throne was Zachariah. Thus, the reign of Asgore the 2nd began,


He wears Asgore's cloak, but had his trident turned into a pike, and wears a dark fedora. When he walks around the palace, he wears a leather jacket and jeans.


Not much is known about his powers, but it is said that he walked into the cell of a POW, and the next hour the POW was ripping his own veins out, driven mad all of a sudden